Composite White Fillings

Also known as white fillings, composite restorations use a natural-colored (white) resin to repair a damaged tooth.

These modern restorations are stronger, more discreet, and very durable compared to the old amalgam fillings.

We are proud to be an amalgam free practice. These old style fillings are unsightly and can lead to more cracks in teeth. 

When a tooth has been compromised by decay or trauma, we will carefully remove any decay and fill the missing structure with these white composite material to mimic the natural tooth.

At Dentist on Shakespeare, we are proud of our attention to detail and always spend the extra effort to shape all fillings to mimic the natural tooth, no matter if it is a front tooth or a back tooth. We love beautiful teeth and always aim to restore yours to be the best.

In-Office Whitening

Only the best with Phillips Zoom whitening system. Include a complementary At-Home whitening touch-up kit

At-Home Whitening

Include 3 to 4 weeks of whitening gel that will guarantee a noticeable change in shade