Cosmetic Dentistry

At Dentist on Shakespeare we care about your smiles.  Please tell us what it is that you do not like whether it be the shape, colour or irregular teeth, with many different treatment options available in a wide price range we can work with your budget to put the sparkle back in your smile.  All options can and will be discussed fully so you are well informed.

Many people believe that to improve your smile you need to have crowns or veneers done but that isn’t always the case so why not find out what the team at Dentist on Shakespeare can do for you?  We offer FREE 15 minute* cosmetic consultations with our dentists, Mickey and Jo to discuss what we could do to improve your smile and to give you an idea of the cost involved.  If x-rays are required this would be discussed and a fee would apply.  For more complex cosmetic work a longer, more thorough appointment with our dentists may be required and it is likely that we will need to arrange another appointment for this and a fee would be charged for the next appointment.

In some instances, composite mock-ups can be provided in quickly where an idea of the final look can be visualised, photographed and then the resin simply flicked off.

Before and after photograph albums can also be viewed in our reception area to visualise the various options.

*Conditions apply to the FREE 15 minute consultation