Preventative Dentistry

In dentistry, prevention is always better than cure, and we are here to help you keep your teeth for life.

Early detection of dental issues makes them not only easier to treat, it will save you money and your teeth in the long run.

Dr Zhou will use his expertise to identify any early signs of dental complications and offer the right preventative services to keep your mouth feeling great.

Regular dental check-ups allow you to keep your teeth and gums looking and feeling healthy. Our preventive treatments stop the buildup of plaque and decay, which could lead to larger health problems.

Our dentists will thoroughly examine your:

Soft tissues
TMJ (Temporomandibular joint)
Facial structures

By looking at the interrelated components of the mouth, we can establish your oral wellness and track it over time. The health of your teeth and gums depends on a healthy bite and a mouth free of infection.

If you don’t care for your smile now, it could result in expensive and potentially painful issues in the future. Our caring team teaches you how to build a successful hygiene routine and guides you to optimal oral health.

Our preventive dentistry services include regular dental cleanings, sealants, and any procedures used to slow and stop tooth decay or other oral diseases in their earliest stages. Our goal is to keep you and your mouth as healthy and clean as possible so you can maintain your natural teeth for life.

The foundation of good dental care is routine cleaning and maintenance. Despite daily brushing and flossing, there may still be a build-up of plaque and calculus that needs to be removed to prevent gum disease and decay. This can be achieved only through professional cleaning performed by our dental hygienist.

We will customise a successful hygiene routine for you on the basis of your periodontal (gum and bone) health. During cleaning, our hygienist Lyn may use ultrasonic scalers to make the treatment more effective and comfortable. She may also prescribe medicated gels along with prescription mouth rinses in problem areas when required.

We use state-of-the-art digital x-rays and digital cameras to assist us in providing an accurate diagnosis. Our panoramic x-ray will capture your entire mouth in a single image, including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, and surrounding structures and tissues.

Digital x-rays are safer for our patients, reducing radiation by as much as 90%. Digital x-rays are also better for the environment as they eliminate the use of processing chemicals.

Ready to look after your smile?